Los Mocovíes

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The Mocovíes (in Mocoví: Moqoit) are an indigenous people in Argentina detached from all the Guaicurú. Its language is part of the Mataco-Guaicurú linguistic family and endures in some of the areas that inhabit the provinces of Formosa, Santa Fe and del Chaco. Before the arrival of the Spanish colonizers, they lived primarily on hunting [...]

Women’s day activities

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Women's Day at the Usina theatre. On Sunday March 8th there will be a special program with free activities starring women: live shows, workshops, cooking classes, talks, shows, visual samples, an entrepreneurial fair and a large gastronomic patio. It will pay tribute to all women on March 8th, when International Women's Day is celebrated. The [...]

Fundación Proa

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An Italian recycled mansion from the late 19th century was the starting point for a contemporary art center. The building dialogues with the neighborhood through its transparent facades providing an unprecedented landscape of the city of Buenos Aires. At Proa Foundation they respect and aim to take care of the environment, both in their facilities [...]

Free tango class

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If you are planning on learning Tango but you just want to try if you really like first, this is your chance! The first class here is free!! Just complete the form in this website and start your dancing dream. #spanishcourses #buenosaires

Practice time

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Practice. Escribe la forma correspondiente del verbo entre paréntesis: 1. Yo (conducir) __________ el coche. 2. Marta y tú (salir) ___________ de casa juntos (together). 3. Yo no (conocer) ____________ a esa familia. 4. ¿Quién (ofrecer) ______________ más por este cuadro? 5. ¡Yo no (merecer) __________ este regalo! 6. Las asistentes del director (obedecer) ___________ [...]

Milonga Federal

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Federal Milonga Open, atypical and plural is a cycle dedicated to the dance of tango. Through classes, practices, exhibitions and live music, the experience is open to the participation of all audiences and seeks to stimulate reflection on the corporalities, imaginary, cultures, identities and diversities that coexist around citizen music. In February, the cycle raises [...]